Lublin's Three Belas / David Shtokfish

Between the two World Wars there were three famous Belas in Lublin's Jewish society:

Bela Dobrzynska – a great leader of the General Zionists party, member of the town council.
Bela Shapiro – a key figure at the Bund party, member of the town council.
Bela Mandelsberg-Schildkraut – a historian, an educator and an important activist of the Left Poalei-Zion party.

All three had considerable public resume, wide comprehensive education and a lot of care for their people. Each one of them dedicated, in her own way, her virtues in movement activities – in order to serve the Jewish community in Lublin in the best way.
All three of them were murdered by the Nazis.

(Memorial Book for Bela Dobrzynska)

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